Individual Sessions

Once off 1/ 2/ 3 hour conversations
  • For clients who need to take steps away from feelings of fear, turmoil or defeat.
  • For clients who need to be reminded of God’s kindness.
  • For clients who need to deal with defensiveness.
  • We will also help you with your self-discovery, without using undue influence.
  • For clients who need to be convicted by God’s Word.
  • For clients who need to be reminded of Christ’s extravagant love.
  • For clients who need to remember who designed the plans for their life. (1, 2 or 3 conversation sessions)
  • For clients who need to remember that God is our constant, never-failing Guardian.
  • For clients who need to know what their Spiritual Gifts are.
  • For clients who want to unearth blockages in their life.
  • For clients who want to interrupt a negative life pattern in their lives, and to ensure a positive perspective works for them.
  • For clients who want to surrender.
  • For clients who want to believe that they can live by faith.

Connecting People

How to lead a small group and grow your leadership skills?

What is the difference between a Book Club and a Bible Study?

Reading Group Information
Sample Informational Sheet for Book Study

How to Be a Great Small Group Leader
Review the purpose and ingredients of a transformational Connect/Small group.
Your First Connect/Small Group Meeting
Connect/Small Group Covenant
Your Other Connect/Small Group Meetings
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Connect/Small Group Leaders

Special Tools
Participants Summary Chart
Cover, Grace Wheel, and Group Wheel
Pathway to Purpose Book Study Lessons #1-8

Retreat Planning

How to co-ordinate, plan and set a vision for your Retreat


Retreat Mission Statement


Basic Guidelines
Retreat Organizational Chart
Retreat Consultant Role and Responsibilities
Church Retreat Director Role and Responsibilities


How to Coordinate a Team
What a Coordinator Looks Like

Roles and Responsibilities

Program Coordinator
Publication Coordinator
Registration Coordinator
Hospitality Coordinator
Hostess Coordinator
Prayer and Small Group Coordinator
Leisure Coordinator
Administrative Assistant

Ministry Consulting

Looking at how you and your ministry can improve


What is a Ministry Consultant?
Mission Statement

Consultant Steps

Initiating Contacts and Connections
Investigating the Current Ministry Program
Interviewing, Asking, and Inviting Questions
Inspiring Vision in Ministry Leadership
Identifying & Implementing LPCC, Intl® Resources
Imitating Christ as a Ministry Consultant

Special Tools

Consultant Assessment Worksheet
Ministry Consultant Opportunity
Benefits of Becoming a Ministry Consultant

Purpose Sessions

10 questions to help you discover your purpose
  • Assessing your readiness for more purpose
  • Agreeing on the basis of your purpose
  • Unearthing blockades to your purpose
  • Enjoying the fun side of your unique purpose
  • Discussing good predictors of your future purposes
  • Answering some tough questions
  • Taking a laughter break
  • Making perspective work for you
  • Surrendering
  • Following God’s pathway to purpose