Give your mountain a name

Rachel, Jacob’s beloved wife, had two sons. the first was Jacob’s blue eyed boy, Joseph and the second born was, Benjamin.

After the birth of her second son, Rachel passed away and before she breathed her last breath she named her son Ben-Oni which means son of my trouble. Jacob changed his name to Benjamin, which means son of my right hand.

Jacob had a big dream for his son and couldn’t think of his son to be doomed with a name that would set him back in life. Instead he spoke life into existence into his sons life, and named him ‘son of my right hand’. There are many verses in the bible where God is referred to as ‘the right Hand, so this is a powerful statement/confession that Jacob made.

Even when you are at the end of your rope, it is never God’s end…Even if your dreams,hopes, purposes in life are physically dead, inactive, hopeless, give it a new name that has a meaning that gives live. Istead of fear name it brave, courageous, instead of lack name it abundant overflow, more than enough, instead of timid name it strong powerful capable.

Give your mountain a new name!!

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